Direct debits to use for switching bank accounts sultanoflondon

Hi all,

I have one direct debit on my account at the moment: PayPal. As I have linked my bank account to PayPal, it comes up as a direct debit on my bank account. PayPal do not take any money unless I buy something using my bank account, using PayPal.

Does anyone know of any other similar direct debits (won't take money every month) that I can make on my bank account so that I can have two, so that I can use this bank account to switch banks to earn switching bonuses? I only need two, because that's what I need to fulfil the requirements for switching to most banks.


You could open a Tesco internet saver and an instant access savings account, which you could set up 2 active dd's per month.

I would also check the T&C's of your bank account switches to know if the DD's need to be active DD's. If this is the case, then the 2 Tesco accounts would resolve the 2 DD's issue.

I have the paypal as an additional direct debit on one account for which one of the two dds is my credit card. However in march that card has two payments go out beginning and end so I need an extra dd in Februarys.

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