As long as you've met the terms and conditions of the account, interest is paid on the 1st of the month (that's when I got mine)

I think the conditions include £500 minimum monthly pay in plus registering for online banking with paperless statements.

I don't think direct debits are required, but I could be wrong.

If you haven't met the conditions of the account, you won't receive interest for the month.

Interest is dated as the first working day of the month but shows up in your account in the early hours of the following day. In short, you should have had yours by now.

Check you've met all the eligibility criteria: paid in £500 the previous month, registerd for internet banking and for paperless statements and correspondence.

I did not get my interest for Feb. However my fault as I forgot to pay in the required amount. Lost about £3.60. But on the other had gained £60 from N Power in compensation because of a failed appt and late appointment.

Win some lose some.

Is the interest calculated from what is in your account, on that day? Or is calculated across the entire month?

If it's the former, it would explain why I got more interest than I expected, at times. Especially when I had very little in the account until the end of the month.

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