The article linked above is slightly outdated. With Lloyds you will need a document as proof of address in addition to your passport. This may be difficult to obtain whilst staying in Airbnb rentals.

It might be easier to open an offshore sterling account or a Basic onshore account whilst you are still living in Ireland.

Until you become established enough to open a UK account you could use Revolut. Load euros as needed from your Irish account, exchange to pounds any time or when you spend, interbank rate and no fees for anything except £5 for a plastic card and 2% on ATM withdrawals in excess of £200 per calendar month. Then use it to move your money over to a UK account.


All banks under some EU directive HAVE to offer a basic account to residents of other EU countries.

If you want to try Lloyds bank you need to follow the procedure rigidly print out and send the two forms with your id to the address given.

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