Good to see a bank admitting it was at fault for not following its own anti fraud measures on account set up. However, I don't expect this to open the floodgates.

On the details of this story, if he used PayPal to pay for an eBay purchase, why didn't he get refund from PayPal?

On the very few occasions I've had problems with non receipt of eBay purchases, I've received a full refund.

However, mobile homes, cars etc are usually specified as cash on collection only, for obvious reasons, so PayPal would not be involved.

Sloppy journalism?


Thank you for your replies.

I guess our only hope may be if jonesMUFCforever is correct as nothing was read out to him. But how do we prove that?

Does anyone know if they ought to have read something like this out to him?

Thank you
Originally posted by BarnieBoy

No .

Unforunetly this is 100% the fault of the elderly relative and i don't think the bank should have to refund any of the money. If we start going down that route making the banks responsible all it will do is make is more and more difficult for people to legitimetly transfer their money to other accounts, plus increase costs for the banks which will be passed on to their customers.

The only way to reduce these types of scams is for people to use common sense when they are being asked to transfer money to unknown accounts. It's a shame that relatives of his didn't step in earlier and help him manage his finances if he was showing signs of being unable to.

Takman makes a very good point. My parents are 67 and 62 and as yet show no signs of dimished capability. However I still make sure they are aware of the kinds of scams that are occuring and talk to them about how to protect themselves from being scammed. I think we all should take some responsibility for our elderly relatives and ensure they have as much informastion as possible and hopefully to avoid this kind of fraud.

Anyone who thinks that someone allegedly from their bank telling them to move money from their bank account to another bank account to 'protect' it shouldn't have a bank account controlled solely by them.

The Bank has the money. The Bank has the money. The money stays in the Bank unless they release it.

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