Lost M and S gift card Hattie625

I've been very careless and lost my M and S gift card issued when I switched an account to M and S Bank in April last year. I think I have dropped it after making a purchase today.

It only had around £3 on it. However I am still due £10 top ups in Feb , March and April, making £30 in total, subject to meeting the requirements in January to March.

I am wondering if it is worthwhile contacting M and S Bank and asking if they can issue a second gift card linked to my account, cancelling the lost one, to enable me to receive the future credits. I realise that I cannot recover the credit on the card when it was lost.

Has anyone had to do this?

Update. I raised this matter with M and S Bank via secure messaging back in January. I've received confirmation today that a replacement gift card is in the post to me.

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