Nat West Business Bank Account fees DraigGoch

Hi, I am new to this site, so please have patience with me...

I have a small business with a Nat West Business Bank Account. My 2 years free banking is coming to an end next month and they are going to start charging me for every BACS payment etc. This could amount to over £100 a year which I would rather not pay.

How can I avoid this? I have spoken to them but they are not willing to waive these charges.

Changing bank account will be too much hassle as I did this 2 years ago and for months payments were still going into the old account.

Has anybody experienced this before and got any positive results from Nat West?

Thank you

You can't avoid it. It was an intro free trial, and it's over.

Except by switching to a bank that offers another introductory free period.

Edited to add: Yorkshire/Clydesdale Banks are still (I think) offering 2 years free business banking if you switch to them. Which is a good offer, but bear in mind they don't have many branches in the south, so branch visits can be challenging depending on where you are (pay-ins can be done at a PO though). Worth exploring all the other bank options though...

And a full switch using the Current Account Switching Service shouldn't leave payments going to the old account, as that won't exist and will all be re-directed under the CASS switching scheme.

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