Cashing a cheque with old address on it? kmmnffc

I have received a cheque from HMRC but it was sent to my old address (I presumed my workplace would have informed them of my change of address, luckily it is my parents address still) Will the bank still accept it? Or will I require it to be reissued with my correct address?

My Halifax account is pretty new so they have no knowledge of my old address.


Thanks Slink Payee name is all correct, Glad the address doesn't matter it will saves loads of hassle trying to get another cheque reissued.

Can't believe HMRC still had that address, I haven't lived there for 6+ years. Will be getting it updated in the morning.

Thanks Again


HMRC has no way of knowing unless you inform them.
Originally posted by jem16

I stupidly presumed that my workplace would have let them know. I got my P60 each year at the correct address but only found out today that my employer sends that out. You live and learn

Ah yes you must inform them. I found out by chance when I queried my new tax code the other year and was told I'd been sent a rebate the christmas before.

We had moved and it was a right pallava proving I hadn't got it, but to be fair to HMRC I was sent a new cheque within 2 weeks, very nice.


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