Suggestion for a direct debit to fulfil requirement to have 2 direct debits Hattie625

I have seen discussion about the need to have 2 (or more) direct debits registered on a bank account to meet criteria for credit interest and cashback (eg for Santander 123).

I recently (June) opened online a fixed rate bond with challenger bank Aldermore. As normal with these online savings accounts, I had to nominate a bank account for payments to come from/into. I nominated my Santander 123 account.

I now see that there is a direct debit in favour of Aldermore registered on my Santander 123 account, although I have never paid in to AldermoAldermore via this. Although I don't need this DD to fulfil the 123 criteria, it could be useful if I decide to move DDs to another current account.

I also opened online savings account with Charter Savings Bank and FIrstSave, both of which required a nominated bank account to be specified for in/out payments, but neither of which have resulted in a direct debit registered on the current account.

I keep a very close eye (daily) on my 123 account, just in case any rogue DD payments are taken.

Thought this might be helpful to someone.

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