Santander Debit Card Defrauded teejtim


Hoping for some advice. On Monday my Santander debit card was stung for 5 or more amounts totaling about £1,300 (of which £500 was prevented) From this £800 to Betfair is now missing from my account. I have no Betfair account.

I spoke to Santander fraud at length twice on monday night, visited a branch twice yesterday and once today. First the payments were pending and now I am very much £800 out of pocket and have been given no timeframe as to when I will (if I will ) be re-imbursed. I am doing all of the chasing and work to get info from Santander!

I have done, they just say they have no idea how long it will take. They identified it as fraud straight away, but have now allowed my money to be debited to Betfair. I have no time frame as to when they will sort it, a cancelled debit card and no faith in their security measures

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