Nationwide's FlexBasic is often mentioned here, but it says:

You don't have a UK bank account elsewhere, or

- you have a UK bank account elsewhere and you want to switch it to us, or

- you have a UK bank account with us or another UK-based provider but need a FlexBasic account because you're in financial difficulty.

What's wrong with the account you supposedly have?

Depends on your requirements.

If all you want is a debit card the Fidor UK Smart Current Account is a prepaid account with a debit card. It has an ID check with secure upload of documents but no income requirement.

You may be successful in getting a basic bank account such as the TSB Cash Account or the Santander Basic Current Account.

Lastly you qualify for a Post Office Card Account. Ask for an application form at the Jobcentre.


If I switch accounts, then I have a new main account, can I keep the old nationwide account?

I just transfer some direct debits?

maybe I should just do that then

it seemed like a good idea to get a new account to switch with

although that may have to wait until I'm employed, I'd rather get on with it now

also I have an offer for 100quid each if someone would like to switch to nationwide

You may well qualify for a standard account (without overdraft). Apply for one and they'll generally offer the basic version as a fallback.

DONT go for the Fidor or Post Office account other than a last resort. Fidor charges for ATM withdrawals after the 3rd and the Post Office account can only be used in Post Office ATMs & for benefits.

I think you'll have more luck with getting a good switch deal once you're employed. Many have set limits on how much money needs to be going in every month to qualify.

You need a basic bank account. New rules state that if you go overdrawn in a basic bank account, you will not get any fees charged by the bank. HSBC have changed there terms and conditions regarding the basic bank account from April 16.

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