Combine lisa and savings for a deposit Jimbo2260

I cannot find the answer to this question anywhere! I want to open up a new lisa account but I can only deposit 4000 per annum into the account. Now the thing is I can afford to save more than this each year. What I want to know is can I save into a separate savings account whilst saving into the lisa account and combine the two funds together and still get the 25 percent bonus on the lisa money when I come to use them both for a mortgage deposit? Or do I lose the bonus if I combine it with more money when I sign for a mortgage so to speak?

You'll get the bonus on the LISA money only and theoretically you can have as many savings accounts as you like.

I don't see any reason why you can't make your deposit up from multiple savings accounts/sources if that's what you have to do.

I understand that I will only get the bonus on the lifetime isa money but I didn't know if I could still get the bonus on that money if I combined it with other savings that I will have

Thank you

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