Does anyone have any experience of go-henry tickety-boo

As title really. I have come across this site, on my facebook newsfeed, offering pre-paid visa facilities for children over 8. There is a monthly fee from parents of £1.97 (free for first month) and aims to increase financial independence in children in this ever changing world before they can actually qualify for debit card facilitys from most major banks.

I havent heard of it til now, am interested as my youngest is 10 and not quite old enough to have a debit card/cash card from the bank she saves with.

Does anyone have any experience please? Tia

Never heard of it but I can't think of any situation my ten year old would be in that they would need their own debit/credit card.

I'm all for financially educating our children but not making them financial independent at such a young age.

This looks like a terrible idea and a credit card "gateway drug", preparing them to spend spend spend off plastic in later life.

"Aims to increase financial independence"?? Sorry this is a marketing ploy!

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