I liked the idea of being able to set chores to earn their pocket money etc so wanted to register so I could investigate it further but even that didn't go well as it didn't 'recognise' me from the electoral roll and the call handler couldn't help me but someone else could another day. Can we call you ..... err no!

I recently signed up to this for my two boys aged 13 and 10 and so far its going well. You can set restrictions as to how much they can spend, where they can spend it, and they can withdraw cash from atm for free. Its useful because they both like to save and and there is a gohenry app they can download on their own tablets which allows them to track saving goals etc. I like the fact they can now shop online, so can get better deals on games etc.

Also you can include a list of chores the children have to complete to earn their pocket money and their money only gets transferred to their cards once I tick these have been completed.

We got the first month free and they were doing a deal where after you send the first £10 to your child's card they will give you another £10 free credit.

The only issue we are having at the moment is that my youngest boy is not yet confident with using his card in the chip and pin reader, he just needs a bit more practice.

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