Why? It has always worked on its own when I've used XP.
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Printscreen captures the whole screen. Using ALT only captures the front window thats open. Ideal for popup boxes or where you do not need the full screen.


Paypal will default to a registered bank current account first.

After that credit cards are listed.

You should have selected the right account to be debited.
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I did. The one ending 8072. PayPal decided it would take the money from my bank account instead.

Unless you have a currency account. Then you'll suffer an exchange conversion cost. Unavoidable.
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You can change the currency option here. Log in to PayPal first to set cookies, then go to that page. It seems to have got lost during PayPals website simplification.

I've spoke to PayPal about the issue. Their response was the same as yours: tough.

They gave me two options: contact the seller and ask them to cancel the transaction or cancel the Direct Debit.


Yeah I don't like the way PayPal works these days much either. It has no setting any more, as far as I can tell, to select a default payment system, so I have to select my credit card manually for each transaction. It also often copies the address incorrectly during redirection from the seller's website.

You should be able to select whether you want the purchase to be in local currency or GBP though (obviously you want the latter for zero-loading, zero-fee cards).
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Isn't the highlighted bit the wrong way round? Assuming you're talking about cards like Halifax Clarity or Santander Zero.

Given up on paypal, after they stopped a payment for 'payment review', and held it for just over 24 hours. I didn't receive a notification through email or the account interface. When I complained to paypal, they didn't respond in the 4-8 weeks.

Took it to the financial ombudsman service. They've immediately turned to the paypal user agreement and said paypal only need to send notification to the seller. Apparently, the part in the agreement where it says

PayPal will provide notices to you by email and/or in the Transaction History tab of your PayPal account.

applies to the seller only (because the previous sentence mentions the seller).

Careful, if you ever find the need to take a Paypal complaint to the financial ombudsman service, only 1 in 20 complaints are decided in favour of the consumer.

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