Where do I go for help in sorting my life out!! Cinders82

Hi I know the title is a little harsh but I really do need life advise....

I have so much going on i really need one expert to help me but with lots of different aspects not just a specific.

So I need help and advice with my mortgage, my assets, my debt, my business, my future investments, pension, Savings, accounts, credit card this list is endless.

Question is do I have to seek different advisors for each or can I speak to just one person or company than can help me with all. If so what do I look for and who?

Thank you for any advice or help anyone xx

That is a lot of different things, some of which are probably much bigger or more important that the others. You don't have to tackle it all in one go. They aren't all connected so it's ok to pick one thing and get it sorted by itself and you'll feel like you're making progress.

For mortgages, credit cards and savings you're probably already in the right place. They're usually fairly standard things which lots of people here can help with or you might find the answers you need on the main site.

For big things like your business, pensions and investments, it might be worth speaking to a financial adviser. There's a guide to explain them here: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/savings/best-financial-advisers

Make a list, pick the thing you think is most important, or the thing you think is quickest to sort out (whichever you prefer) and go from there. Good luck.


I think this is the sort of thing life coaches were supposed to be helping out with several years ago but it all seems to have gone a little quiet on that front.
Originally posted by bigadaj

Unless the life coach is also a qualified financial advisor it would have been illegal for them to give advice on many of the OP's issues.

I suspect the performance of Jeremy as a life coach in Peep Show may have cast a shadow over the industry


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