Without wishing to sound like a know it all, which I certainly am not, I have been taking a particular interest in different ways of earning extra money since I retired last May with a useful lump sump and have found this site very useful indeed. I may not post much but I am taking notice.

I have

In HBOS one account (3% on 5,000)

In Santander three accounts (1.5% on £20,000) plus two linked regular savers at 5%

In Tesco 3 accounts (missed out on the 4th) (3% on £3,000)

1n TSB one account (3% on £1,500) plus an esaver (an unimpressive 0.85%) and an Isa (1.8%)

In Virgin one isa at 2.5%

In Nationwide two accounts (3% on £2,500 & 5% on £3,000 £2500???) plus a linked regular saver at 5%

In Norwich & Peterboro one account for the purposes of taking cash free sums from ATM's whilst abroad plus a regular saver at 4%

and finally (hooray) in First Direct one account with a regular saver at 5%.

That's pretty much all my money tied up. My next move I'm mulling over is, when the new isa allowance kicks in, should I close one of the Santander accounts at 1.5% (less £5 fee) and move the money to the TSB isa at 1.8%?

What do you think Mr Shape? All advise much appreciated.

Note: I hope Mr ceredigion doesn't think I'm advertising all these accounts.
Originally posted by Marvo5

If you have a partner (you mention 3 Tesco current accounts) then you could have a total of 6 BOS Vantage accounts @ 3% between you. That could be a home for the balance from one of your 123 accounts.

You can also have up to three FlexDirect Accounts between you, 2 Flexclusive regular savers and three(may only be two?) TSB Classic Plus accounts.

You could also aim to get two M&S current accounts and its linked 5% regular/monthly savers and an additional FD First Account + regular saver.

There are also referral incentives available with Nationwide and First Direct.

Also, keep an look out for if/when Tesco allows further applications.

The number of accounts that a couple can have between them is significant.

Thanks for that reassuring post, OP.

We're with Nationwide Flex a Plus, too and find it excellent value for around £4.50 a month, allowing for interest on £2500.

We also have regular savers at 5%, but the true interest rate is much less, of course.

We had been with HSBC since its Midland days, lately with a Premier ac, the benefits if which had been gradually whittled away. We'd keep Nationwide for the travel insurance alone, as we go to the USA regularly.

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