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I believe if you get poor service from a company or even shafted, you should pass the experience on as to warn others. By the same token if you have a good experience then share. So.....

On a recent round the world holiday I was taken quite seriously ill (blood clots) which meant an extended stay away from home. I had travel insurance but you hear such tales of woe from people who find out that their insurance company, who are so happy and quick to take your money, become suddenly reticent when it comes to paying it out, making every effort to find loopholes in which to either downgrade your cover or even dismiss your claim altogether. The old adage that you only know how good your insurance company is when it comes to making a claim is certainly true.

Anyway, my company, UK Insurance which came as part of the Nationwide Flex Account package were quite simply brilliant. They initially looked after me when I was taken ill, gave me medical advice and insisted on treatment beyond what one would normally expect before when I deemed was well enough flying me home in business class which cost upwards of £4,000. Today I received a substantial cheque for the extra expenses incurred, they even paid me more than I had claimed. I can't recommend them highly enough.

The Nationwide account costs £10 a month and along with the worldwide travel insurance also includes car breakdown cover and for loss of a mobile phone. There is no minimum payment, no direct debit requirements and you don't have to have your wages/pension paid in. Better still, if you leave £2,500 in the account it will pay you £6.50 a month in interest, bringing your insurance down to just £3.50 a month. It also entitles you to a regular saver paying 5% interest.

So, worldwide travel, car breakdown and phone insurance, all for £120 a year or £42 if you can spare the cash to leave in the account. It's a brilliant deal, I don't know how they do it. I can't recommend this account highly enough.

I would like to thank you for taking what must have been some considerable time and effort to post the details aove.

I too have a Nationwide packaged account and although I have never had to use the insurance I have occasionally wondered what would happen should I try to claim as you say sometimes you wonder if these packaged accounts have a lot of conditions and exclusions with their various insurance policies

thanks again for doing this

I also want to add how good the insurance is, my son had a bad ear infection whilst in Mexico a couple of years ago, I didn't ring whilst on holiday and used a credit card but made a claim as soon as I got back, all was done though email and scanning receipts etc, pay out was complete in 5 days.

Have also used the mobile insurance for my other sons phone, again all done online and again quick service and as they didn't have a phone to match, it was cheap one we got a Samsung galaxy 4 phone, our choice, but we got offered many to choose from.

Ive also had use of the breakdown service, again second to none.

All in all would recommend nationwide packaged account every day.



Strange response, we know you are a cardie, but that for £10 a month (less if you count the interest) would be a good deal for most.
Originally posted by bigadaj

I saw it as blatant commercial advertising by a contributor with just three prior posts.

"Only three prior posts?"

So that's the criteria that makes what is in your opinion a worthy contribution to this site? How sad.

Now then, what about that apology?

If you're not man enough to admit you were wrong (and perhaps given another human being the benefit of the doubt) I'll wager you a £1,000 that my account is true and honest.

Winnings go to charity.

How about it Mr 1,909 posts?

I agree. I took this account when I inherited a second hand car four years ago. I converted an old cash card account, and applied online and was informed the account would be fully upgraded after a week.

Unfortunately in that week my car radiator failed and I was potentially stuck miles away from home. Another provider might have taken the view that I wasn't covered for breakdown as the account had not been fully upgraded and no fee had yet been taken, but on calling the Nationwide helpline, after a short while checking they confirmed that they'd honour the breakdown cover and I was towed home. Can't praise Nationwide, or recommend this account enough!

Thank you for the feedback, OP and others who have used the Nationwide insurance. I have been very lucky so far and not needed to call on the insurance yet. Great to hear of the positive experiences.

Glad to hear I've had a FlexPlus account the last 2-3 years. Have used the mobile cover twice, prompt replacements delivered a few days after sending them.

We are off abroad for our honeymoon in April. I did wonder about our travel cover, so nice to hear its worth it!

I've had cause to use both the travel insurance (for a very small claim) and the breakdown cover. The service provided by both was very good. For our joint account, the mobile cover alone makes it worthwhile.

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