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has any one dealt with them recently, if so how long is there turn around time at the minute, ?

also has anyone been asked for more information,?

ive sent 4 months statements

3 months pay slip,


maybe precise would be an option, we got a rate of 4.3, higher than high street but with defauts its expected.

like you say after the fixed year ending just re mortgage

Yeah with help to buy scheme also. Ridiculous prices I know. Hence why I will start to get a bit defensive if they start to give me attitude.

Thanks. I asked today about a completion date and i told it's miles away. But surely he is the one to at least know ? Or not?

Am I right in thinking I can go direct to the builder and ask them ? After all I'm buying the house.

I hope so, You think I would have been accepted? even with the 2 settled in 2014?

Also do you think taking out the loan to clear the other will effect it? we have declared it with the broker when she got us an AIP

Its so stressfull, haha

Solicitors jessnat995

Hoping someone could shed any advice. 1st time buyer. So our house is currently been built. They have the walls and electrical in. So completion about 4 weeks away. My question is should I be checking on the solicitor regularly to push them. As ever time I ask a question it's like it's hard work for...

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