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An offset is valuable if you want to save mortgage interest whilst keeping control of your cash if you need it later. Offset rates are higher than standard rates and the maths work better for a higher rate tax payer. If your intention is to pay off the mortgage as soon as possible and you don't need...

Simply provide six months bank statements.

Otherwise we would all up having to keep photos of our Christmas money when we were 12 in case it has accidentally never been spent.

If you mean interest only without an investment vehicle to cover the capital there are few options.

Options in the current market that allow downsizing/sale as a repayment vehicle require minimum equity of £150,000 and more (and 50%), also minimum income of £50,000 and more.

There are so many factors that can affect scoring. You will find a solution, how many options we wont know until the case is assessed professionally.

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