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There is an anomaly and the Lender wants it resolved. Failure to address this leaves them exposed with the Regulator.

Most lenders backed out of the foreign currency incomes following recent legislation changes. Fortunately USD dollar is a currency that still has some active Lenders.

As KS says, you will need a broker or it won't happen.

Your post is very confusing but I think I have the gist of it. Questions are: How do you want to support her? Out of income or out of capital. Putting it on a credit card sounds pretty crazy. Perhaps you should work out your budget to support her over 3 years and work out if it makes sense to borrow...

One or more of you can get a mortgage on a residential basis and put Dad in the property.

You can also get a buy to let mortgage and put Dad in the property.

You can do neither of these things with 95% of available mortgage deals so you need a good mortgage broker to manage this for you.

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