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You have engaged your broker. You need to trust them. If the case was likely to fall over due to your credit situation it would have done so by now in 99% of cases.

Unfortunately, mortgage offers do not arrive overnight so you need be try to be patient.

“ We are looking for a 90%ltv. And have been advised by a broker that Kensington is the best option? <a href="/showthread.php?s=3036385c25683f06b8cb9955b5233a43&p=72142545#post72142545" rel="nofollow" title="View original post">Originally posted</a> by MaireNG ” Kensington may lend ...

You need to make it clear to your solicitor whom you are paying what you expect, he will tell you what is possible.

Leave it to him and he will work to a timescale that suits him not you.

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