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Without trying to sound too nosey, are you sure you are able to repay this loan?

It is going to cost you a LOT more than you are borrowing so next month you need to be bringing in more than you did this month.

Have you really applied for a loan without even knowing what the interest rate is? “ The rate of interest in relation to your Account at the time of this agreement are from one of tiers A, or B below: Tier A) 39.8% (which equates to 47.9% APR), or Tier B) 54.2% (which equates to 69.9% APR). We...

“ I just assumed that if sainsburys had passed my name to them they must be ok. <a href="/showthread.php?s=3036385c25683f06b8cb9955b5233a43&p=65633219#post65633219" rel="nofollow" title="View original post">Originally posted</a> by Mysteek ” Poor assumption. It would have been a cre...

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