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Sadly it has today been confirmed in the budget small print that the MPAA will be cut from £10K TO £4K.

The cap DOES apply to you as whether you take any income or not you have put your DC pension into drawdown.

Bit of a b*gger isnt it, I'm in the same position as you BTW.


Your son could 'keep' the car and carry on making payments. You could take over the use of the car (as you have indicated that you wished to do so). All you need do is arrange to make the monthly payments from your account rather than his.


What did you tell the loan company about your income and assests when they accepted you as a guarantor? I guess they were happy that your income would be sufficient for them to come after you for repayment if required. The only time they may become slightly interested in your outgoings is if the loa...

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