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“ Irritatingly with CSD if you want to change the DD they post a new mandate to you to sign and return <a href="/showthread.php?s=3036385c25683f06b8cb9955b5233a43&p=72182701#post72182701" rel="nofollow" title="View original post">Originally posted</a> by ColdIron ” Not correct. Almo...

I think it might be a bit too late now. It took 3 months for my DD to transfer, 1 month to take off pay, 1 month to set up DD and then the next month my first DD was taken. If he rings them up now they can send the stop notice to HMRC who will then send it to his employer. But it might be too late f...

Where does the product details suggest that? <a href=" indOutMore_Btn">

Dividends have tax credit of 10% applied to them at source. You don't have a choice in the matter. Although it is being scrapped soon. <a href="" rel="nofollow">

If the minimum regular investment to the fund is £25, you won't be able to set £20.

CSD is a £50 minimum, so if I set up monthly for £100 a month, I can only do £50x2, I cannot do £40x1 and £60x1.

But as TCA says, try it. It will usually not let you if not possible!

I think you should read up more on Acc vs. Inc because it seems you are quite confused. Acc don't pay income. That is what Inc is for. Accumulation funds have their income reinvested into the fund. Income funds pay out income. Just compare a fund which has Acc and Inc and look at the performance dif...

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