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We were so surprised that we were declined with Precise as our broker was confident that it would go through. Still don't have a clear answer on what went wrong apart from them thinking we had a default registered within 3 months. Hoping this goes through with Aldermore. The rate offered was slightl...

Well our broker has decided to place us with Aldermore now after not getting any further with Precise.....!!! We have had a DIP from them today and full application submitted. Anyone know on how long they take?

The creditors were capital one in 2011 and Lloyd's bank in 2013. No other late payments. My history is clean for 3 years. My husbands has nrver been an issue. Our broker said he had tried with halifax and we're declined an AIP.

Yes all files were checked and rechecked when it was declined. I've also spoken to experian and equifax who have also confirmed there are no defaults registered other than the ones I've mentioned.

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