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Thanks for all your help.

Am i thinking about this thenright way?

We were the first to buy on the new build estate when countrywide said the properties were worth 10k less than being sold for now the estate is half sold so will have more to go by.

Switcher deals Sheep

Hi all, Just a general question. My fix rate is up with Leeds Building Soc in 6 months time. They have just wrote to me to let me know I can look at 'existing customer' deals in 3 months time online. My question is whether switcher deals are just the same as new customers can get online? Or are the ...

We had the same thing with Leeds in Nov 2015. They would only email the form to a HR email address and would not even tell us what they were asking for on the form. The completed document then had to come back from the HR dept directly. It makes sense really. If they sent it to you then you could ge...

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