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NatWest aip htb Suzuka96

I will warn you now I am the worst person at waiting. My broker submitted an aip request to NatWest this afternoon - how lng roughly will it take till we here back, If a yes after full application is done are they one of the lenders that re credit check around completion.. at moment we have said o/d...

Help to buy Suzuka96

Hubby has. Clean credit report (car loan 12k overdraft 2k) salarty 18k Me 2 ccj from 4.5 and 5 years ago totalling £2500 (all settled over a year ago) credit card balance 5k me salary 38.5k 2 kids We want to borrow 165k on help to buy 20% scheme does this seem possible (had aip from precise two yea...

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