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From the calculator : Monthly net income from all sources based on our calculation £2,523 £1,562 Total monthly net income from all sources based on our calculation £4,084

Thanks for your advise by the way! I do really appreciate your time. So I did the calculator you linked - it's comes out saying they would lend us up to £379,000! I was actually reading the guidance provided with that calculator in terms of commision income evidence - it wasn't clear to me what wou...

No I work from home and if I leave the house to see a customer then work pay all expenses.

I do have a car but I bought it with cash a few year ago.

Oh dear I didn't think it would be that tight ! I looked at it like this: - my salary: £40,400 + average of last three months commision x 12 (£16,076) = £56,476 - partners salary: £27,500 Combined income = £83,976 Max mortgage = £83,976 x 4.5 = £377,892 which is more than the £355,555 we nee...

Commision & Mortgage tomryan89

Hi - wondering if anyone has guidance on commision as income? This is paid monthly so I believe it would be classed as "secondary income" but unsure of how that affects the amount we can borrow. My partner earns a salary of £27,500 a year. Simple. I earn £35,000 basic salary and £4,800 ...

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