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Thank you, the house is expensive to run so not much leeway. My original question was: "So the question is how can I access some of the money in my property or pension on a draw down basis until such time as either the property is sold or I reach 55 and can access my pension please?"

Not much of an economy in the area needing my skills. What work I have is online and not locally based, only found that by chance and seems to be dwindling now. Saying that I am developing my skills in a new direction that in time I hope will bear fruit. Time is the problem here and I am trying to f...

Thank you Kingstreet.

That is in hand, however that could take some time in my area, hence my question about surviving in the meantime with savings having dwindled away.

Will share this with the forum you suggest.

Surviving the next 5 years NaomiP

​Single 50 year old woman. Property owned outright, recently on the market for £495,000 in order to downsize. Money purchase pension worth ~£330,000 Savings ~£15,000 and eroding gradually. No debts. Self-employed zero hour contract, capped at £1000 per month. Work is dwindling, last month ...

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