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Are you still in a fix with your current lender ?

Any ERC,s to pay if you paid the £6,000 off the mortgage now ?

As long as you can pay the £6,000 off the mortgage or into the new lender I am sure they will be happy if you pay with a big jar of pound coins

Your mum will have to sell up and move into a over 50/55,s sheltered accommodation.

It is not that bad and she will only have the rent to worry about.

No garden or building repairs.

Money in the bank to enjoy life and travel

You can rent out a room in your house and earn up to £7,500 tax free from the rent a room scheme.

Easyroomate and spareroom are good websites to find a Lodger.

Lodgers have few rights so if your not happy or you sell the property then they can be evicted quickly.

Well done on saving a good deposit !

Can you afford a £90,000 mortgage ?

IE do you earn say £25,000 plus a year ?

Have you got a full time job and permanent contract ( NOT ZERO HOURS )

How is your credit score

Any other debts Credit cards,loans etc ?

Was the Life assurance part to cover the mortgage?

So if you pay off the mortgage NOT NEEDED !

What Interest rate are you paying on the mortgage?

What interest rate are you getting from your savings ?

What Interest rate does the mortgage go to at the end of the FIX

While you have a BTL Mortgage YOU cannot live in the property.

If you pay it off YOU can decide to rent the property or live in it

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