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Some of the larger corporates are classed as whole of market, but they have a smaller panel of providers. As an example I think the largest corporate has around 16 lenders on panel - by comparison, I have access to 40-50 plus. If a broker works for/with an estate agent, who are they going to be look...

I am still not sure Kensington were the best shout for a 5 year old default, seems a little overkill.

You would find out if the valuation was ok when the offer is issued. The broker can chase beforehand, best to leave it 24-48 hours after it gets carried out.

I do not use Santander very often so I am not 100% on their processes to be honest.

If in doubt, speak to the lender. If I am in doubt about anything I call my account managers. Half my week is spent on the phone checking things.

I agree with the above, there is the potential to do it sooner rather than later but the rates may be higher. You could probably do secured now (subject to the equity) as you have not technically gone any further in arrears in the last few years, it has jsut taken you a while to clear the arrears yo...

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