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“ Follow up question is there any of the ones authorised for the ifisa that people would recommend. Been waiting for ages for the main players to be authorised. I'm a higher rate tax payer so I think I'm reasonably close to my limit though some are in partners name or joint so I need to work ...

They used to pay interest of 5% up to £2000. Now it's 3% up to £1500. The contactless cashback will have expired unless you opened your account after June 2016. None of the new perks will apply to you. Not sure of the reason for the <img src="

As above, although it should be added that from the 2018/19 tax year the bonus will be paid monthly according to current (not finalised) rules.

“ Thanks What made you stop using savingstream out of interest? <a href="/showthread.php?p=72240290#post72240290" rel="nofollow" title="View original post">Originally posted</a> by Fatbritabroad ” See recent discussion from <a href="

If not a TESP, you will need to declare the interest if you complete a tax return.

Most people who start these plans regret doing so. At least the amounts involved are small and you now know better.

“ If you only have £500 and £100 a month to invest anyway then why not do this for the cashback? Not everybody has the full ISA allocation to hand each year and so this offer maybe a good one. If the total fees are 1% (which they are not on the cheaper options) and the total you invest for ...

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