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£45k average per month

5y £750pm

4y £937pm

3y £1250pm

On the 5y fix you will be hitting ERC if you want to do your £400pm overpayments and use MIL money as it drips in.

if you can get to the £1k overpayment from the start

£102,000 @ 1.99% £1432pm £22,400

“ This. There is always work to be had. If your skill set is not in demand then you need to re-evaluate your objective. Increasing your income is a much better option than increasing your debt, even if that means taking a low skilled job. There are always jobs like this available which will h...

“ in the five years fixed thats going to be 24k. My mother in law wants to give us 45k in a couple of years time as she done the same for her other children. so im hoping in 5 years it will be nearly paid off. 24k overpayments 24k 5 years worth of monthly repayments 45k mother in law gift. to...

“ Stop gambling from now until you get round to applying for a mortgage, lots of withdrawals to gambling sites is very bad for mortage applications <a href="/showthread.php?p=72235934#post72235934" rel="nofollow" title="View original post">Originally posted</a> by glentoran99 ” if they ...

Self-employed zero hour contract, capped at £1000 per month. Work is dwindling, last month invoice only £250

Current outgoings ~£1500 per month

how long have you had the at least £6k PA shortfall?

“ 196 views and no replies. Surely this is a fairly simple question? Its just about the numbers right? I have no interest in paying a mortgage broker for something as simple as a re-mortgage, I just want to confirm my thoughts were correct. <a href="/showthread.php?p=72231638#post72231638" re...

Financially if we took the 5 year, I would pay the £995 as I would save a decent amount but on the 2 year, the math doesn't make it worth it. what maths are you doing? If the variable is the same after the 2 years then surely the comparison financially is between the two initial values? it is and t...

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