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My advice. Be grateful you aren't self employed on a zero hours contract and renting like millions are in the UK these days. Many families with kids rely on less than £1500 a month and they have to pay housing costs out of that.

My other suggestion - economise.

“ Thanks so much for the advice!, I pay a decent amount into my work pension and they also contribute a good percentage - would this be considered as a means to pay the mortgage after I retire? My Daughter has talked about opening a help to buy ISA ready for when the time comes for her to buy...

Good luck OP - nothing is ever impossible at any age. Lenders will now lend up to age 85 - subject to you demonstrating you can pay the mortgage. Have you opened a help to buy isa? You can put in £1200 in month one (good idea to max that out in month 1) and then if pay in £200 monthly by month 3 y...

I am trying to use the app to apply - nearly made it and got to a screen that says

'That shouldnt have happened - we will look into it' from Helen Head of Customer service.

It then asks me to return to the home page but the app is stuck and won't let me. Helen seems happy anyway!

“ Does that make it a good thing being with TSB? <a href="/showthread.php?p=72225274#post72225274" rel="nofollow" title="View original post">Originally posted</a> by Simba-ali34 ” It means there is no imprint in your credit file of the search. But it also means the DIP is a less reliabl...

This does seem to happen more frequently with the Lloyds group.

I don't have accounts now with any of the three members and this doesn't encourage me to change that. I know it can happen with any bank but it just seems more common here.

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