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just outside doncaster with a prison for its next door neighbour doesnt fill me with confidence, the project is currently being serviced by a loan on a popular P2P site, with that loan individuals are getting 12% return and if it fails then the investors have first charge over the land.

“ What I find mindbending is the number of comments on the p2pindependentforum thread that go like this: These people are giving the borrower their money. How can they not have the right to name them or know who they are? Is this investing or Guess Who? Even I'd heard of Desmond Phillips. <a ...

as jamesd hasnt explained himself yet i thought i would just that SS is one of the P2P sites that i use and would happily recommend it. if those are his reasons for not using SS in the post above i would suggest people read read the replies and make up your own minds.

very good explanation of P2P and how it works, i would also add that spreading your risk across platforms as well as individual loans helps to mitigate against platform loss, most people are likely to get a high % of their money returned but they may have to wait for it if a platform fails. i use Sa...

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