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“ It was an accountant we spoke to her worked all of it out an said we should be eligible for it! Do you think it's not worth us applying for this then? It's my partners credit score that I am worried about I am good with keeping my money in an that he on the other hand was stupid growing up ...

“ But putting a 115,000 thousand deposit down would that not go to our advantage <a href="/showthread.php?p=72201678#post72201678" rel="nofollow" title="View original post">Originally posted</a> by Dd1997 ” you can put 1million pound deposit, if you need more than x4.5 your combined inc...

“ So me and my fiancee are first time buyers and we've had a really nice house which has had an offer accepted of £175,000, with a £10 deposit. However this property is old/unoccupied and has some rising damp issues on the rear wall. I'm currently negotiating a possible discount on the pric...

not enough info

income, other debt, any CCJ's , previous bankruptcy, Deposit, budget of house looking for e.t.c

bit worrying you can only afford to pay 100 pounds a month for the debt at the moment. Not got anything else left over per month??

unless it's gambling transactions or regular outgoings which are not declared, such as personal loans/ large season ticket outgoings

ensure you have looked at this thoroughly, should your sister want her own place, she would be subjected to extra stamp duty for a second home.

I am sure you are aware of the old saying of never mix money with family.

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