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“ ... these are effectively initiated by you on a monthly basis. <a href="/showthread.php?p=67926705#post67926705" rel="nofollow" title="View original post">Originally posted</a> by MARTYM8` ” And? What difference does this make? Initiated by you - processed by the company.

“ It's vanishingly unlikely to succeed, however, and FOS have rejected numerous complaints (at the ombudsman and adjudicator stages) along these lines, for the reason that it is unfair to expect a party which has done nothing wrong to reimburse a loss that it didn't cause and couldn't foresee...


let's = let us

Sorry, don't know an app, but personally, I wouldn't let any third party app coonect to my bank accounts. Banks' T&C possibly don't allow this either.

“ We had our credit cards with virgin replaced after the wife lost hers. The direct debit from Barclays still shows the old card number, but the payment goes through fine. <a href="/showthread.php?s=3036385c25683f06b8cb9955b5233a43&p=72149088#post72149088" rel="nofollow" title="View origi...

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