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If Switching to the Halifax / Co-op switching offers, anyone know whether Tesco and Paypal classify as Active Direct Debits, even if no payment has been taken from the Currents Accounts being switched from?

“ I rang Tesco and you can only have 1 sole account each and 1 joint account between you. So that is 3 accounts all together. This means that you can only have £9000 between them or can you put £6000 into a joint account and earn 3% on that amount? <a href="/showthread.php?s=3036385c25683f0...

hufc, I would say do this:

1) open a noddle account and see what the score is now

2) do the switch and see what noddle says

Best to spread out the switches and if you intend to do First Direct, be prepared to wait a month+ to get the account sorted, they work at a snail pace.

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